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Lord I am troubled.
But In my shame I won’t lift my eyes up,
Contemptible thoughts run rampant through my mind,
I think, how can I come before him in this state?
I resolve to strengthen myself first and in my strength I’ll present my case to God and say,
Behold oh Lord! I needn’t trouble You! I stood strong! I made it through on my own!
As if that could make up for my sin.
If that was the case why do I feel You whisper that works will get me nowhere?
And that all I seek is justification?
To make God understand.
Who am I to reason and bargain with God?
In this world we are so used to proving to people that we are who we want them to see,
That we foolishly try to do the same to the Almighty! The All-seeing!
We are wicked from birth, how can we even attempt to fool our creator? Who knows all our ways?
We forsake the simple promise You made us,
That if we only repent You are just to forgive us.
We want to earn forgiveness rather than take what You offer us in true love,
We no longer want our hearts to be convicted,
We don’t want to be troubled by the Spirits voice telling us we are going the wrong way,
We want to take the difficult route, rather than the path You so lovingly paved for us,
We are so prideful! We fall again and again, the path we take only causes us harm, yet we are so stubborn not to take the safe path that still remains in sight, while it still remains in sight!
And worse we put Your sacrifice for naught. You who love us and long to see our safe journey into Your arms, into Your embrace.
We secretly want to tell ourselves that we can stand alone and need no one,
Oh how wicked is our generation to forsake Your sacrifice!
We boast of faith but don’t trust You!
The weak cannot forge their own path! We can only take Your path or wander on the wide and easy path to destruction.
Lord take my pride and my doubt and lead me.
Do not allow me to stray from the path You set for me,
I am weak Lord, I can do nothing without You.
Forgive my foolishness oh God!
And save me from destruction.


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