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Fri, 03/05/2021 - 14:50 -- Miyodo

As time passes by the hurt in your heart will become numb, not better just numb. You will adapt to a life with that hole inside your chest because you have too, not because you want to or should.
The tears will come often and at the most inopportune places but let them fall so that you don't. To live is to grow, but to grow we too must let go even when we cannot. Forgive the things that keep you awake at night when you are alone with nothing but your thoughts, i believe that we will all find forgiveness in the end but take a chance to live like that while you are still here.
In grief there is no time, sometimes it creeps by and others you have no idea where it went so grasp each moment to be the person you wish others could be for you right now. My arms wrap around you like a shield, I am sorry that you now know the depth of what a loss can do to us. It changes you completely and you will never be the same again.
You age, become humble and find a love for things and people that you forgot were there. Embrace everything that you can and know that you will see him again someday, we all will. I love you more than words,...just thought you should know

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My family
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