Just Some of the Reasons to Wake Up in the Morning

A dream-filled night's worth of

tangled bedsheets, then a frantic drowsy start.

What day is it? Where am I? The beach

is too far away for there to be this

much sand in my eyes so imagine my suprise when 

I find a goldmine.

I made calculations machinations and schemes

but midnight me doesn't have the means for decent math. The

morning alarm must've quit.

Grumpy because six-ish hours of sleep as

opposed to a 17-ish hour day does not a happy guy make. 

Bathing in scathing hot water makes me drowsier? A meaningless 

blurry slog, clothes on, sleep off, until the bus stop.

Then I see those people I like. I forgot about them. Oh hey guys

how was your morning?

Hope you're not mourning the loss of sleep, zing. Me? Oh I'm alright

Really? Today we have that class I like? And a free period in the afternoon?

Hm, seems pretty cool, only a fool would pass up the opportunity 

to get in another hour of sleep.

But that's not the case. The nerf war after school with my guys has

a stupid grin plastered on my face, not a trace

of sleepiness found. Fun bound to happen in the future, and

speaking of which, that college called me back. Apparently

my test grades are stellar, what's even more exciting is that

in their call they called me sir, even dropped a joke. We want to you

to consider us, a shining student like you is a must for

this university. With the promise of foamy violence, a future

in science, and I just heard it WON'T rain,

Who's ever even

heard of sleep?

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