Just Release Me

Sun, 10/21/2012 - 23:27 -- Mekana

Glazed over eyes, and heavy footsteps
Constant body shakes, nights with no rest.
Eternal hunting, hungry never satisfied
A morbid curse, a chilling cry.

Running through my woods, struggling to stay on two feet
It's just as hard here, as it is in the streets.
My other half burns, it craves the run
The others mock me, claiming I'm no fun.

Fighting agasint it, yet struggling to break free
Two souls inside, which one is me?
Its hard to control, there is only desire
No one would accept me, they'd call me a liar.

Bones crunch, jaws shift
I can feel the changing, this is it.
The silver light shines, marking my face
This is who I am, this is my place.

Claws pop out, pads on my hands
Earth between claws, I can smell the land.
You can't ignore the calling, here where I belong
I've been denying the truth, running all along.

Glazed over eyes, heavy footsteps
Constant body shakes, nights with no rest.
I'll part my skins, for all to see
And hear the wolf whisper.."just release me."


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