The Just Path

I cannot express my passion and inclination for doing what I have always loved to do

At one point, I was pulled from the path I was destined to follow and was distracted by petty things such as money and status and locale

But now that I know what I need to do

I can no longer overlook it

And I can look forward to each day and each fleeting moment with a kind of fancy and happiness that I have never in my life observed or experienced

Having the opportunity and the means to follow ones’ heart is an advantage and a blessing that is bestowed upon so few of us and that not enough souls have the courage to recognize

Knowing that I am back on course and in the highest of spirits because of the discovery that I can and will do what I have always dreamt of doing is a comfort that I have never had the privilege of feeling.

The vigor and tenacity with which I will continue to dream and to indulge in the acts of writing, reading, the creation of words, the understanding of the practice of making them known to others, and the sharing of universal themes can’t and shall not be dwindled.

Touching one soul with the words I have written is enough to suffice, but reaching ten thousand is what I deem just.

Greatness and glory can only come second to portraying what has been kept silent for ages or in touching the heart of many who look upon my words.

The troubles we face, what it means to be human, the deference of every issue that brings us both together and tears us apart.

I will never stop until I am known and until what I have to say is read by many others than myself, if only due to the fact that someone may find solace in recognizing that they are not alone.


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