Just ONE thing

In my eyes,

I am a success story

A household name

In my heart,

I am irreplaceable

In my head,

I am unstoppable

In my thoughts,

I am unbeatable, unbreakable, powerful


Closed behind a locked door

A beast lies unchained

It roars its unrestrained ideas, plans and dreams

The most precious thing to me

My motivation, inspiration and determination to succeed

all revolve around-


The most expensive thing in the universe!

It wakes me

stirs me in my sleep

holds me back

sets me free

allows me to be

My most precious thing…


Because there

I can be what I want to be

I am neither restrained or constrained

I am free to be

Anything I desire to be

If I couldn’t live without just one thing

To me it would be my imagination

Because that one thing is unlimited


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