Just One


You tell me that it is just one:

One pill, one blunt, one sip, one cut.

And yes it is just one,

but you choose to indulge in one after one.


Monday you take one sip of one kind of alcohol, but ten different brands.

Tuesday you smoke one blunt, in one hour with ten different strands.

Wednesday is the hardest, because it’s an island in the middle

and that’s when you think it’s okay to take one of every different kind of pill.

Thursday is the day that you choose to cut, with one knife, one you,

but thousands of reasons why.

Friday is the day that you choose to increase your neverending high,

one strip of acid, for every one person who you thought cared.

One bad trip, one bad fall, one more reason for you to end it all.


I’m crying for you, but

one more tear just isn’t enough, but one more of your addictions

makes the situation tough.

Funny how that happens, everyday you find one more reason to die,

but never find one reason to stay alive.


You say you fell in love with her

and that’s perfectly fine, but do not say you love her

if she isn’t enough to keep you alive.

Do not tell me your fantasize about her lips

or how much you could not live without her kiss.

She is standing next to you trying to understand

this guy, this boy she thought was a man.

You took one, but one too many times,

tried to live one, but one too lives.

That is the only thing you have ever tried just once,

dying for you was a one time game,

but you ended it with no everlasting fame.


You did not let her down in terms of physical love,

but deceived her with your smile and the touch of your hand

for you are a boy, she thought was a man.

No one will remember the sweet things you told her,

or the love you tried to give,just the pain you suffered and how you could not stand to live.



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