Just One

One breathe

One shiver down my aching spine

One heart that yearns so deeply for a dream so far out of my reach

Doubt in the eyes all around me 

She's young, unrealistic

has no clue what the world has in store

A list going on for eons

The script at the begining of Star Wars

just slow enough to catch a phrase

just fast enough to be lost in translation

All I know is that there is not anything else I am meant to do

hot lights sizzling my skin, gentle as a feather floating from above

mic tape stuck to the whisps of my hair slick against my fingers

wireless mic giving me the feeling of being larger then life

Just one chance 

Just one break

Just one kid

dreaming of acting on the main stage

 healing people with an art mostly forgotten

changing someone's views and making them belive they are not alone

Theatre saved me 

It showed me that there is always someone who knows what you're feeling

who understands what you've gone through

who sees the pain and isn't scared away

One degree

One master's 

Endless auditions

Lifelong joy

I don't want to be one thing

I would try on the many suits of life

To be a doctor

A police officer

A mother

A guardian

An actor

unafraid of the world's judgment

Not wealthy

Not famous

But happy

the only way is for me to better myself

 to become the best person I can be 

so that I may pay homeage to the original

I want to heal people 

all I need is just one chance


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