Just My Brother and I


We approached the shimmering lake just my brother and I,
A blanket was brought with us and placed on the sand.
Sitting down to our canned dinner, there was a happy sigh
That peacefully escaped from our lips, a blessing unplanned.
While the moon took time to wink at us from the water,
Silence and comfort were there, hugged us like an old friend.
Witnessing the night sky become a piece of work from an old potter,
The stars tirelessly performed, a show we wished would not end.
While we made a reflection of our lives, the future and the past
The water showed us it was a delicate mirror, fragile yet bold.
With love, the hope of the past brought the wondrous night desiring to last,
The blanketing darkness, moonlight kissed sand with just my brother and I.


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