just a memory to a me


I told him the it was clear and it was okay for him to cross the street
Biggest mistake I should have just went across to meet him
Then it came dashing thru
A cheetah on high pursuit
Turn back !! I screamed
As he went to make that 180 degree spin
It struck him off his feet like a bowling pin
Loud bang, the tires of the cheetah screech's everyone comes to witness the destruction of my sons life
Speechless I stood there, didn't know what to do
Everyone was looking for the mother but I was right there and couldn't even utter a word
My mind couldnt begin to comprehend that my own flesh and blood whom I have carried for nine months life has been taken away right in front of me
The sad part is the fact that I could've done something to prevent it
Does that make me a bad mother ?
Driver of the speeding cheetah was texting and driving seventy miles per hour and to make matters worse she was under the influence of alcohol
My son didn't do anything to deserve this fate
Who knows , he could've turned out to be someone great
What could of been but never will be
My son willl always be a memory to me.

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