Just For Me

As the wind blows and

The rain pounds on my window,

You hold me tight and don't let go. 

I fall asleep in your arms,

Waiting for a rainbow 

That I hope will come,

The one that you promised was just

For me.

Your arms are strong and 


As I wait. 

I wait for another day,

Another tomorrow. 

Another chance. 

Your hugs are light and gentle,

Your words are kind and loving. 

I want to stay but know I can't,

Because I must face what lies ahead. 

I kiss you goodbye and

Walk out the door. 

I open up 

My red umbrella. 

I let go and watch it fly up towards the sky. 

As the red dot disappears, 

I throw off my jacket. 

I run. 

I don't stop until I see the sun. 

When I reach the end of my mountain, 

I look up. 

Instead of rain,

I see

The rainbow

You promised

Was just 

for me. 


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