Just Hit Play

You always wrapped me in an embrace that screamed reassurance

Your words would bouce off me like light refelcting off a piece of glass

When no one understood me you listened and spoke words of wisom, of comfort 

With you I feel okay 

Like nothing in this world is impossible 

With a click of a button I turn you on 

The words that you speak dance gracefully like a ballet dancer on stage 

This music makes me feel alive

It makes me feel infinite

I am capable of anything 

Like flowing water I move to you

With you I am more then a girl with her head in the clouds

I am a girl who has hopes and dreams 

I am a girl who will change the world one step at a time 

Music is my world

Each song a soundtrack of my own movie 

A movie that I wrote with my own blood 

As long as you play where ever I go, I know I can make it 

You will always be here when I need you the most 

Because all I have to do is hit play 

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