Just A Girl


I'm not the most beautiful girl in the world.

& I'm not the smartest.

I'm slightly more emotional than other girls

I may not have the fattest butt.

Nor the biggest boobs.

Or have long flowing hair that curls up on sight of water.

I may care a bit much.

Or Care too little..

I may cry too much..

Or I may cry too little..but i have emotions.

I may hide them because who can you trust these days?

Or i may share them hoping someone wold understand me..my pain..my happiiness..my sadness..my hope..

I may not be rich..but im fly..or am i?

My stomach may not be as flat as a board but I know how to be just as sexy.

I may not have the clearest skin or the longest eyelashes...But i know I am attractive.

I don't wear things to expose my body 24/7..but there is a time to be sexy and a time to be a lady.


But I hold my own ground & I know what's best for me.

I'm intelligent..book & street wise.

I know you gotta work hard to be on top & that's where I'll be some day.

I'm a girl with drive. NOt even a girl. A WOMAN with drive & I would show the world the power I possess..

& under my belt I got handful of screw ups and mistakes..but you know what it has made me better..& stronger.

To the guys who have broken my heart..i hope you found what your looking for..cuz you definitely missed out on something great. I got so many things to offer, & i can blow your mind.

To the guys who haven't experienced just the magic of my emotions towards you..just wait your queen would arrive some day.

& to all the ladies. keep your confidence up.

& to me..stop being a hopeless romantic. Stop crying over spilled milk. He missed out on something amazing. & yes you can be hurt but you need to stop. & yes you can miss him dearly. But everything happens for a reason. 



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