Just a Dream

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 14:06 -- Scorpio

The birds were chirping and the children were playing

for that moment there was no hatred


young men studying, and playng ball

 No guns or drugs appeared at all


Mother's protecting and loving their children

Not once did they lean to drugs to get that feeling


what I seen in the corner really caught my eye

a boy helping a girl study, instead of forcing himself between her thighs


No guns no violence

No drugs no sirens


the world was at peace

the peace we've prayed would stay for eternity


BANG BANG, the peace is gone

Then I realized I was dreaming all along


Why do people kill and fight all through the night

why must we wake up in fear afraid of our own peers


Some say dreams are signs of your future just waiting to come true

But I say the road to peace is up to me and you


We can make a change

We will make a change



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