Just Chains

Trapped knocking on a cylinder bottle.

Child locked with no safety key

Drowned in odorless desires,

Panting, sweating, boiling, 

Whimsically lost in this dismay.


Stumbling upon memories,

Tumbling through the phases.

Growing, wilting, quitting,

No greater fulfillment

Than the joy of the unfelt nights.


Forget the sound of birds breathing.

Ears tremble at the clinging of chains,

Shackled now to the realm

Of unconscious insanity.

No longer slave to thought, 

Forcibly drowning in instability.


Drowning, gasping, fleeing.


Save the claims,

Lay misunderstood in misery,

Chained away from society.

Singing, chattering, shattering, 

Birds and chains and minds.

Sounds coinciding,

Slaving to instability. 


Dead birds,

Drowned minds, 

Strong chains.


Loud, ambiguous noises. 

Shaking, laughing, crying, 

Large dark empty room,


No breathing.

No thought.

Just chains.

And laughs.

And tears. 







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