Just Breathe

When I was Five,

I was lively and carefree

At Ten,

I was ready to take on the world

Sixteen and Seventeen

Made me feel so grown up

But Eighteen left me quiet


Eighteen brought me work and stress

Eighteen brought me days when I realized

Childhood has ended

Adulthood is approaching


With age Eighteen

Came college acceptances

Came college decisions

Came college registrations

As I sat on the couch deciding my major

Deciding my future

Deciding my courses

I sat and I stressed

And I felt quite a mess

Then I started to realize

Childhood was over

Adulthood was coming


I wish it’d be slower


These college decisions

These course registrations

All scared me to pieces

But now I can say that

As responsibility increases

My freshman year

Should not be filled with such fear

I should calm my anxious mind

Act kind

And in time

Life will be ok



It’s been a few days now

And I’ve finally wiped the sweat off my brow

Those decisions that scared me

Of them, I’m still not quite free

But I look back

Back before graduation

Back when everything moved too quickly

When I didn’t know

That everything comes to a close


Every worry will be calmed

Every smile will return

Just stay calm, stay focused

And breathe


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