Just Breathe

I empty my chest; I have had all that I can take,

I whisper my goodbye with the last in my lungs.

I stand so still; not even a flinch,

I force myself to remain calm.


All I need is to just stay still; to keep my mouth shut tight,

All I need is for it to be over already.

All I need is to slip away; force my body to sleep,

All I need is to let my soul be released.


There is nothing left; I convince myself,

There is no way to change now.

There is nobody to cry for; I am so alone,

There is no reason to stay.


My chest starts burning; eyes water too,

My lungs are screaming in despair.

My heart tries to pump; its oxygen is low,

My brain begins to shut down.


Suddenly I feel the sunrise; hear the birds on my window,

Suddenly I hear the phone; people at the door.

Suddenly I smell the fresh air; find a dollar on the ground,

Suddenly I realize I have much to be thankful for.


I take a deep breath; my brain rushes to life,

I take a look at this new world I’ve found.

I take a glimpse at my mom; her arms outstretched to me,

I take a step with the new me.


Life is what I make it to be; I must see the good,

Life is what I do with the cards that I’ve been dealt.

Life is what I hold dear; what I used to take for granted,

Life is what I accomplish with one breath at a time.

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