Just Askin

Just Askinn


Is making out with a drunk girl the same as relapsing ?

Not saying that I did ..

Just askinn...

Watching tv the home teams collapsing ...

Loved them for years before it was fashion .

Can’t make that corner ....

My car I’ll be crashinnnn...


All them cold soldiers lined up in the cooler .

Window shopping .... who’s the fool here?

The price ain’t too high but the cost is quite dear .

All these words and not a damned thing to hear .

Missing my soul , wish it was here .

I’d go and find it but it’s nowhere near .


The bird in the hand was too much to bear .

She broke me down and I’m in for repairs .

When the wind blows right ... yea you for it ... I can still smell that hair .

Man o man what passes for care .

She told me upfront about poking the bear .


Down on the corner under the light .

Just window shopping ... yeah right .

The damage has been done to the soul .

Don’t give that last inch and cede control .

Mick always told you about rock n roll...



Trying to work out the kinks and stay focused ... Praying through my thumbs 





Love ❤️ the anticipation of seeing who I get ...


Langston Hughes #blacklivematter


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