Just another love story

Sometimes I feel as if
I have to pretend as if
I never loved them
Yet I did love them
I loved them very much
The love of someone
You can not be with
Is the worst brand of love
Its the love
That crashes
That burns
Right in that void
Deep in you chest
Rips out your heart
Sucks you in
Spits you out
Feeds on irony
reaches euphoria through pain
Soul sucking gain
Haunts you in your dreams
As you live out
The ideology you have created
During the day
Trying to bask in those rays
Rays of your fully functioning unit
When you know it was those days
The days of pure dysfunction
That made you feel alive
True love
Unrequited love
Reckless love
Love at first sight
Jaded love
There is a twist beauty
In it's heart wrenching pain


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