Just another dream


I wake up everyday in my dorm

Alone, 3000 miles away from home

In the east coast freezing like no other

Man, this isn’t close California’s weather!

But I get up to do my daily routine, no complaints, no sighs of grief

I’m here on a baseball scholarship, trying to succeed. 

With 5 classes and practice, I have no extra time to breathe

Many friends and family didnt agree with my decision

But I know what I was doing and how I was going to be living


I came here for the degree

To bring back home where not many achieved 

Where they live pissed of in ignorance not to see

That every day is a blessing and all they need is the master key.

I want to better my hometown, to make it the happiest city around.


I’m here to further my career,

As a ball player that never gave up on his dream

Im just here trying to make it to the League

And I’ll be playing until someone tells me to leave,

Thats for all those people who never believed in me.


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