Just Another Actress


I construct stories and lies in my head,

Am I an actress or a liar?

Telling people lies with so much belief that

I begin to believe them myself.

I'm a liar with dramatic emotions,

so intent on painting a better life or myself,

so devoted to the characters I create.

I laugh when expected, I cry when she does

Who is she anyway?

Invading my space, taking my place

Some people know her, even prefer her.

Is she my other self or am I hers?

I keep the secret, she yells it out

We share one mind, but divide our thoughts.

"Tell them," she says.

"I can't," I reply.

My lies stare back in the mirror

Her eyes flash green as envy, then red as lust

Then back to black as rage.

"TELL THEM!!" she screams.

"I WON'T!!" I yell back.

I construct stories and lies in my head,

Am I an actress or am I liar?

She answers for me:

"You're tryng to separate two thing that are one.

An actress must lie to protect her identity."

Without the filter, I'm just another actress scared of my own self.




This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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