Julia /joo-lee-uh/ (n).

Am I the sum of my parts?

Am I the sum of my interests?

Am I the sum of what I have created?


As time moves on

I find myself turning to this idea

Found mainly in the lab and less in the person


That we do not aim to prove things true

But rather to prove many things wrong

In the hopes of peering into truth


I am not particularly religious

I am not fond of driving

I am not a fan of country music


So I know many things I am not

And above all

I am not content in defining myself in any of these terms


Labels limit me

Labels stop me

Labels end me


Once I am labelled

Doffing that guise becomes a chore

Change becomes more difficult


In brief I am a continuum

The person I am now

Is not

The person I was yesterday

Is not

The person I will be tomorrow


I choose instead to not define myself

To do so is to diservice

The person I have become

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