Judgement Day

When I was born 

When I was a baby

I was the purest I could be

in the eyes of society

but now that I’m older

now that I’ve gained wisdom

I’m an object 

to do with what you please

I am a pair of pants

you try on and rip and zip

I am your property 

your decision to make

when it comes to my well fare

you and your twisted image of a superior race

you may toss me but I am never tattered

I’ve been thrown and bleached and beaten

but I’m no pair of jeans

this breath I breathe is the same as yours

but the difference is:

I am



No you don’t control my zippers

I will not be silenced with your ignorance

your betrayal to humanity, it is disgusting and we all see it

you can sleep at night but you will not rest

you can eat but you will never be satisfied

you may laugh but your happiness will forever evaid you

There Will Be Justice

I speak without waiver

I feel the whole universe in my favor 

where ever you are the Most High will find you

hear my words you will Never mistreat Never beat Never violate 

another living being 



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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