The Joys of Youth

As youth, we wish youth away,

We wish to be older, for our adult days.

To move away from home,

To live self-instructed lives,

To have our freedom and not worry about our parent guides.

But we never take the time to stop and think

About the joys of youth and its wonderments.

We overlook the enthralling things and growing intellectual acquirements.


We forget about the times when our mother would hold us in her arms

And sing to us until we were in slumber,

When we would run in jump in bed with her

When we heard a loud crack of thunder.

We forget about the times when we’d run through the house,

Pretending we were superheroes and jumping off the couch.

We forget about the times when we’d go into our closets,

And dress up like princesses and doctors and whatever other profession we would ourselves posit.

The times we would chase butterflies in wishes to capture it and keep it as a pet,

The times we would times we would get in trouble for stealing cookies out of the cabinet.

The times where we would animate our food and make it talk,

The times we would shuffle our feet when we walked.

We forget the times when we crunched the crisp fall leaves,

Those kindergarten plays when our only role was the tree.

The way our mother would hug us on the first days of school,

And how we thought light up sneakers were always so cool.

Bath time and nap time, puppet shows and toy jets,

These are the joys that we sadly forget.



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