The Journey of You.


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when you look in the mirror, you see 3 individuals living behind that glass reflector. you see the past of you, the present presentation of you, and furthermore, the "you" of the future. At some point in life, you will realize the past" you" has shit to do with the present "you". you could've made an ass out of yourself and acted a ass to the people around you but it's okay... Because the past is irrelevant to the present. The past plays a role in your life only to shape you into a better person in the long run but the past is nothing you can run from. It's set stoned. You can't hold tight to your past faults; you have to move on! Moving on is hard to do but growing up is even a bit much more complicated. But with growing up comes patience, buliding relationships, and letting go old waste, for to live in the ancient will leave you a poor, bitter, person with bad taste. To blossom takes awesomeness. Present a presentation of yourself to the world and strive for that A+ you deserve. Working towards self improvement takes hardwork & knowing your self worth! Loving yourself is the best section of self reflection. Because if you do not love yourself then who will ? Don't get confused with Loving yourself and being selfish because selfishness kills. Growing up is tough because it's the time when the past is enough, the present is under unconstruction , so your future could soon erupt. you will be left with the future "you" in the end. So when you look in the mirror don't reflect so much on old news like repetition because if you're continuously rewinding ripped situations then you're not living a life worth living.


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