The Journey Begins

As life moves on, and new journeys await.

There is nothing like new freindships that can help you escape.

Escape from chaos, temptation, and deceitful lies.

In a world full of different sunrises.

But hidden behind secret treasure,

These friendships bring on new surprises.

And there's nothing like a family that sticks together.

They're always there no matter the weather.

They've cared for me like a gentle feather.

A love so rich and pure it tastes like cheddar.

As life moves on and new journeys await.

Nothig will stand in the way of my fate.

I've almost found myself but many can't relate.

I strive to be a better me, One who is confident,

No one can't ever tell me who I can't be.

Im so sweet and beautiful like a graceful melody.

Standing tall, letting my gifts flow carelessly,

It's only right that I mark my territory.

As life moves on and new journeys await.

I've realized I am one person I can't escape.

With all of the strength, length, tinder and slenderness,

It's very hard not to love someone you can't replace.

As my life moves on and new journeys await,

This is who I am and I can't complain.

This poem is about: 
My family


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