An endless burning light greets my every morning along, with my alarm of a rooster crowing

Clothes shuffle around preparing for the struggle, that the day has prepared upon arrival  

Nothing is quiet, my mind constantly is racing

Between due dates and term papers balanced alongside two jobs and real life,

A deep breath I crave dearly but I cannot lose sight of my goals nor my purpose

Because I work too hard, there is never any time to sleep so little time I often forget to eat

Nevertheless, it will all be worth it once I have that degree

So I down red bull through those sleepless nights  

Flipping through flashcards and notes until I see the sun rise

Working hard for the grade that I know I deserve

In hope to earn the title of a true role model

To set a new standard for all those around me

To make a difference no matter how small

To just get through it, to say I accomplished it all


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