A Journey of 93 Years

A Journey of 93 Years

By Kayla Hamdan


How awesome was he to be born in 1921?

Who always reminded us he was the middle son.

Hearing about the Italian heritage of knowledge,

Teaching life lessons I could never learn in college.

Reliving so many eras of history,

Through countless years of stories.

Entranced in his past,

Re-experiencing the defeats and the glories.


Bonding with my grandfather over memories of the past,

Are moments in my heart that will always last.

He was my mentor, my friend, and always ate my burnt cookies,

Boasted me to fame even though I was a rookie.

I embrace the moments of the last Thanksgiving Day,

When I held his hand and he went away.


93 years young who never gave up,

So many good deeds that filled his cup.

When I hear a small whisper of the wind in my ear,

It reminds me of all of his life lessons that he held so dear.

When things get tough with notes of strife,

He’s there on my shoulder,

Helping me through MY journey of life.




This poem is about: 
My family


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