What hath thou found in the forest,

You ventured in so long ago?

Have you found yourself out there?

To where will you go?


Who's cover have you taken,

In silence and in sound?

Your days come and go,

Does thy joy still abound?


Have you thrown all away-

Casted thy reflections in the stream?

When no love breaks thy day,

Whose river makes you clean?


The trees have told me stories,

Of all you did in the dark.

No matter to me now;

No ears wish to hark.



Your roots strangle me in truth,

To all unjust jurisdictions.

Yet life is in the woods,

And yours is only fiction.


Make your circle around thy cove;

Stop if you shall find pleasure;

When your heart knows no love:

Nor God, Nor I forsake you.


I wait at the edge.


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