My beloved she waits for me

Amidst a thund’rous roaring sea

Ode to turmoil’s kindly soul

Whose navy waves do crest and roll


To see mine glory I do strive

In greener pastures I can thrive

Two strands are woven hand in hand

Trav’ling toward this distant land


Gold horns are calling out their cry

A desperate plea to Him on high

But I weighed down by gravity

Am marred by hopeless reality


Oh spare me, spare me from your love

The raven’s evil eats the dove

Consumed by darkness closing in

Do stay with me through thick and thin


The winds are wailing sorrow songs

To sweet birds hymns for which she longs

Oh broken branches falling fast

Moving this speed my life won’t last


Do slow me down and hold me tight

Free me from worldly terror’s fright

Unlock my cage and let me fly

Keep me close don’t let me die


Alas these miles wear me away

Dangerous wires spark and fray

Pulses jump from block to block

Hanging lonely beneath the stock


Oh prisoners barred by iron chains

Washed away by stormy rains

My trunk its bark is whittled down

No longer bears a golden crown


Her sirens lust for stony shores

A shipwrecked boat without its moors

I drift past Eden she floats on

Sailing outward toward the dawn


Will sunrise bring me happiness

Or will night’s ignorance be bliss

I truly wish for clearer sight

Oh clarity’s romantic plight


Don’t strike me down I will not fall

The clock ticks on from towers tall

My journeys pass through endless time

These tort’rous mountains I do climb


Upon my goal I set my sights

Erase this sin turn on your lights

You draw me near from places far

You guide me like the northern star


My moral compass magnet’s stuck

Can’t navigate through psychic’s luck

The fog descends on forests’ mist

Gently tapping on my right wrist


Drumming on my heart runs wild

Breaking bonds of ghosts beguiled

I watch my blood as it drips out

Constricted breath I scream and shout


Choked by warmth’s kind paradox

The rabbit’s tail chased by the fox

I yearn deception’s fateful end

Blackholes unplugged I hope to mend


A helpmate meets my true desire

Snowy nights lit up by fire

Demand the pleasure’s worth the pain

A forward loss is stagnant gain


Rulers measured by finite terms

Their dead ravaged by sand and worms

A casket’s door shuts out all hope

Does nature’s cycle mourn its trope


Laughing deeply from reason’s grave

Emotions burn new paths they pave

My passion’s knife it wields with skill

Pierces my flesh with silent shrill


She calls my name breaking my walls

Springing seasons turn to falls

Weather withers my weak restraint

Vision blurred in blacked-out faint


Pendulums swing from side to side

By my instinct I must abide

Intuition that I can’t trust

Love’s been scattered, crumbled to dust


Shall I pursue what I can’t win

Stacking doubts in one neat bin

Ignore the callings unsoundly built

Mem’ries tossed in a patchwork quilt


Thus I resolve I must embrace

I cannot know where is my place

Pitstops break up the treach’rous way

Trav’ling by night don’t rest by day


A means without an end is naught

No dream unearthed that can be sought

Blind faith to no one does persuade

Faulty foundations had been laid


My beloved she waits no more

An infinite cavern she has bore

I found her flaws and faults I see

Alas the blame it lies in me

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