Upon the past year great strife in few ways,
More postives than negatives but still shaded in grey,
The deepest cuts done to my hearts shortened days,
Once abounding in glory now shortened and paved,
It started in secret disguised by the love,
What once was great now cut down from above,
A journey hoped eternal suddenly stopped,
If my heart was a baloon it'd surely be popped,
Still a baloon just no longer filled,
Not dead but the strong drive inside me was killed,
High on life now wishing I was 'pilled',
Something, anything, to get back my will,
The sunshine inside of my soul was stolen,
They call me stone wall so I guess I'm still molding,
Wishing she was still in my arms, I'm still holding,
Onto the memories the true happiness, eyes rolling,
Tears falling, eyes hurt, still cofused from the ignoring,
The fact that I'm the one she said made it start snowing,
Inside of her soul, true happiness, is what I made start growing,
She told me I'm all she wants but has to keep going,
Without me, and that is the reason it's pooring,
Lightning cracks and my shield can't keep holding,
Now no pretection, body started folding,
Arms weak, head heavy, no longer knowing,
No longer grasping the Journey I'm beholding,
So clear before now blurry and obscene,
Mixed signals from all directions started coming at me,
So certain before now lost in a sea,
Dazed in a new world, what could this possible mean?

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