Fri, 08/07/2015 - 21:18 -- haveyv

For no other reason than to reach the top, we sweat and we scramble
Why we choose an exhausting excursion for a vacation - isn't the point to relax from the stress of the day to day life- I simply did not know.

Yet, each step caused me to rethink
To reconsider
To relax.
The life around me is so innately verdant, each step becomes the portal to a new world.

How beautiful is the view at the top!
How elated do you feel when looking at the journey you completed
The journey you conquered.

That, I believe is the point of a vacation:
Not to just enjoy the moment you get to relax
But relish in the accomplishments of your journey that has allowed you to relax.
Nature is awesome, I guess that means you are too.
Who would've known?


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