The Journey

Like a maiden faire
She waits a while;
A strong young woman combing her hair
Hinting at a fateful smile.

Strong he was,
Like a knight sometimes;
A charming young man who says what he does
Holding an anxious secret that whines.

Like a dog left to watch a loved one leave,
His secret claws at me.
I am that secret that he must heave
He won’t look at me.

Love is a rainbow that comes and goes.
Secrets are rainbows too,
But nobody knows.

Life is a journey for the heart.
The mind is a tool,
To keep a girl smart.

Pain is everywhere
So everyone knows,
But why do we care?
I will let you know.

Beauty is awesome, but it has flaws.
Her face seems strong at first,
Just look at her jaw!
But beauty bites and leaves a scar
To let us know we’ve come this far.

Like a maiden faire
Beauty teaches a lesson;
Although it is rough, painful, and leaves a lesion somewhere
Life is awesome.

So I’ll leave it there.

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Our world
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