A journalist at heart

Tue, 03/11/2014 - 15:54 -- vdlay


A journalist at heart


A product of creativity,

A journalist at heart,

My canvas is the TV.

No one can pull us apart.


An earpiece and a microphone,

My other kinds of friends,

They help me with my journey,

The one that I began.


Flashing lights and cameras,

The apple of my eye,

The things I search and find,

So things don’t go awry.


Technology is the friend

I pick up on the way.

With it, I can do anything

Like share news of the day.


The buttons on my laptop

Sound like music notes.

I type my script in G major.

I want no flats on my posts.


A pen and paper can come, too.

They’re essential to the ride.

With them, I tell the news.


Long nights and days,

So I can break the story first.

My teases and my intro’s

Fulfill my viewers’ thirst.


Asking all the questions

To dig into a soul

To reach all the answers

Of the things we do not know.


They say knowledge is power.

Well, give me an aid,

So I can live my dream.

I want to be made!


A product of creativity,

A journalist at heart,

Telling stories is my life.

These stories are my art.


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