Fri, 08/15/2014 - 21:34 -- dnmb12

A sailor by the name of Jones 

For he was long at sea 

Until he met a woman 

That told him of all he could be.


She told him he could have her heart 

If only just one thing,

To collect the souls of fallen men

For ten years among the sea.


Seven, eight, and nine had past 

Still ten was yet to be;

He only thought of the one he loved 

Yes she and only she.


But then the time to leave the sea 

And reunite with his lover to be, 

Turned into betrayal 

And a heart cut out locked with key.


"I, Davy Jones could never love thee 

I cut my heart out for you

So you could never see 

It will now only belong to you, Calypso,

Goddess of the sea."




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