Jimmy's intoxication to my my pregnancy


I met this boy Jimmy and he was out of control

 but I loved him so I left a few things roll

some things that I probably should've put my foot down to

but Jimmy made it seem like I was all he knew

I was all he wanted so I pleased him just so

Until he couldnt take the news so he had to go

I told him I was pregnant he said 'it aint mine'

So thats exactly why I'm sitting here writing this rhyme

I shouldve just said no condom, no action

but I didn't relaized it was a fatal attraction

I was addicted to Jimmy and his twisted ways

like how he use to abuse me then beg and plead for me to stay

But now I need help and I feel all alone

My mom kicked me out wish someone would throw me a bone

but handouts don't come easy baby or not

this is the life I chose so I get what I got

But I will keep my head up and get to a shelter so I can protect my seed

thats the least I can do for myself, my own personal deed

One time is all it took to impregnate me

So please choose a contraceptive or abstinece

Who know's maybe you'll have a better fate than me





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