You mean a lot to me.Sometimes it scares me and makes we want to retract and hide behind the walls that I already tore down but I see my reflection in the nearby waters and all I see are child-like skeletons. I think all day and all night, about the future and the present moment, and I get stuck on my fears.. in truth they’re only distractions that my mind deem to be true though in reality it’s only the enemies illusions. Deep in my roots, in my heart of hearts, I patiently pray with an urgency. That God will fulfill my desires and keep my heart at peace by delivering his promises graciously to me. You are such a light in this world, a beacon of love, I sometimes sit in awe that God created such a beautiful Human being, so gentle and so raw. These emotions I have, soar like a firework shooting into the night sky, to erupt and burst into flying colors. Such beauty... yet I jump back as I hear the loud burst of energy... because I am afraid that the colors are not bright enough, and if not that, then maybe it’s the fear that others haven’t been able to embrace the passion I hold inside; unbearable, it’s too much. Constantly fighting my own skeletons, my lungs drown in the water beneath me. Though I am much stronger than this, I’ve learned to let go on the chains that weighed me down. Reaching the surface, this time, clean and bare bottom; I look across at my reflection and find that my battle scars have been restored. The walls are no longer, the waters have calmed, and the storms rage has relieved. Getting closer to your heart has taught me so much so that I believe I wouldn’t be where I am at now in life. And knowing that, I couldn’t, and I won’t, back out and leave. My heart is in this forever, not perfectly still, though still beating rapidly, steadily.I see through my own deception, and I constantly ask God for a breakthrough. To become a wise woman and a woman of strength who has a bold, loving, worthy, living reflection. You are a Diamond in mine eyes, from the little spark I saw in the beginning, to months and months on down, I am so proud of your growth and success that I can’t wait to experience it together. Together or not, Until the time comes, I’ll be waiting patiently for God to do his part. Knowing that I’ve completed my part, living in peace, happily. I love you (Insert Name).

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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