A Jew

A Jew
I cannot help that I am a Jew
It never mattered so before
Angry hearts and persecution led to the horrors of bitter war
As stars are killed and burned and buried, the whole world turns blind eyes
To the horrors going on behind enemy lines
Why do they hate us so? One cannot help but wonder
Jews did nothing wrong, why is it our lives they squander?
I will not change that I am a Jew
Not for all the freedom in the world
For here, as a writer, I represent every Jew; man, woman, boy, and girl
Injustice to prisoners of peaceful choices
Pain to those whose God is love
The weak are strong and murdered nightly, all in hatred they’re turned to dust
Prayers are letters given carefully to the angels to take above
That God might read them and hear the Jews calling out for freedom
So reader, if you hate me, hate me freely.
I’ve been hated, mocked and scorned
Who knows what, as a Jew, I will have to endure?
No demon, man or devil sent, will change my heart from God
I am, and will always, be a Jew
A Jew full of love


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