Jesus (written as a rap)

they asked me, what's the one thing that i need?

my intuition said tuition -- but my soul said "im free"

i call it emancipation, cuz my cup is full of seeds

because i reap what i sow but no reaper reachin me

i just want to reach to thee within the days -- count em 3,

cuz with the stone rolled away honor roll is all i see

and i aint talkin g-p-a, i speak of G-o-d bruh

and about His good promise is all i think of


they say i cant win, writing raps in sloppy fashion

yet my King crowned with thorns might yet make it happen

see i work for His Will, aint talking uncle phil 

but everybody in this planet is my family for real 

so go ahead and close -- your eyes, ears, your nose

cuz even as i write this only Jesus knows

he only needs your heart, God's fire love will spark

something within you, move you from sin to

something better -- im talking a brand new start

i am saved by Him, so i will praise Him. 




This poem is about: 
Our world


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