On a hill far away,

My sins were washed away.

On Calvary’s tree,

I was set free.

On the cross,

He exchanged my negativity,

For His positivity.


My life was filled with sadness.

I couldn’t harness His Glory.

Cast into the dark room,

Alone in the gloom.

I seemed happy,

But I could still feel that emptiness.

Like a beggar,

My life was bitter.

But He made my life bigger and better.

My intentions were a misinterpretation of His affection.

Like a wave,

Life has its ups and downs.

Like a disc in the hands of a DJ,

My life was tossed up and down.

I took pleasure in luxurious things.

Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger.

In their eyes,

I was a public figure.

As my love for the Lord, disfigure.


 On Zion, we shall dwell.

On His holy mount, we live.

On His hill, I reside.

Leaving everything behind.

 Trust me.

At a point in time,

I was worth not more than a dime.

And so,

This is my desire to worship you.

Be the captain of my ship.

My entire life.

I paused to ask myself this day.

Were things meant to happen this way?

But your word helps elevate,

What man underestimate,

And eliminate the blasé.

I left the complexity of this life,

And embraced the propensity of His Grace.

The Grace of this spiritual entity.

God’s grace propels me,

When the disgrace of my race tries to repel me.

At last reality dawned on me.

I was saved to serve.

I was a mess,

Made a messenger.

My struggles, kept me near the cross.

My troubles, made things clear.

And so;

My battles never end in shambles.

Through the catastrophe, I strive.

Knowing that the trophy at the end ,

Is much more than life.

Look, I was born an astute Christian.

But my peers and fears,

Couldn’t allow me to profess my faith.

I thought it was my fate.

I thought I could so I tried.

My life in danger.

The dealer was dry.

No mercy and I nearly died.

Jesus is all I need,

To have all my needs met.

Under His pinnacle of Grace,

I experienced a miracle,

Redeeming me from the claws and tentacles of darkness.

Irrespective of my flaws.

He saved me.

The world made me groan in pain.

But the Lord makes me grow in His name.

In my dry seasons,

I was broken into pieces.

I thought he couldn’t repair me.

But He cared for me.

The sceptre of Truth.

The centre of Life.

Around Him, I revolve.

In Him, I rejoice.

Distance ever decreasing,

His Love ever increasing.


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Our world


Jan Wienen

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