Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

a pause to meditate on the pay
a humble need to bow the knee to pray
you came to open our hearts
to turn us from Satan onto God

that we may have forgiveness of sin
and inheritance among us
which is sanctified by faith that is in him
Lord, you drew a line in the sand
parting way for the accusers to prevent her from being stoned
picked up the cross on the way to Golgotha

taught us from the sermon of the mount
feeding of the five thousand
you rose again & then appeared to your chosen one's
Jesus...Jesus...Jesus your the lover of our soul
you come take control
come with healing in your hand

Father forgive them for we know not what they do
he said the prayer now the rest is up to you.
you provided sight to the blind
cast out demons to that troubled man
when will we ever live to understand

Come fill our hearts with your dear love
sent by your angels from the hand of God
shelter us with your rich message of hope
Give us your peace that passes all understanding
blood stained crown upon your head
you were risen from the dead

you were with Satan in the desert alone
cast thyself down he said but you never relented
Lord Jesus be with us today
show all of us the way to heaven we pray

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