Yes , the words were all typed out .

They made a lot of sense .

It was believable , conceivable.

The internet went down . 

Words were lost, feelings scrambled.

There was nothing left when it came back in range.

Are things that precarious?

They can get that way .

Thats what they say .

Its right in all the ways that matter.

Im not going with the obvious rhyme.

Not gonna put one of my trigger words.

Not prudent . 

Dear Prudence ....

The rope is stretched.

I’m not going out that way....

Eff , Chris and Chester .... Their beauty is not matchable.

You know what I mean .

There is no hell for those lost , even though we carry the cost.

This poem is about: 
Our world


At a certain point ..... life has shown most of the cards ... 

When you draw the Joker ...

Go all in on an inside straight without understanding the math.

Wake up and go .... Oh f.......... what happened?

When the first kiss is memorable...


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