Jemma the Ladybug

I’ll tell you the tale of Jemma the ladybug,

Who lived in a plant stem house all nice and snug,

Her favorite flower color was yellow,

And everyday she gave to her neighbors a warm hello,

She snacked on aphids who ate the crops which helped Farmer Dan,

Soon away the aphid colony ran,

She brought the farm such peace and joy,

She even made friends with the small farmer boy,

A blue jay observed from afar,

And pondered about how sweet nice little ladybugs are,

He dove towards the speckled red/black bug,

Then as he flew away the long furred dog stopped digging a hole he had dug,

And whispered “All clear!” just above his eyelid,

Where our little Jemma hid,

After a day or two Mr. Blue Jay felt woozy,

Turns out the bug he ate was a doozy,

It made him so sick even with everything he tried,

Two days later he hacked off and died,

Let this be a lesson for us all,

Nice things find ways to live even if they’re small.



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