Jean Jackets and Duct Tape

Personalities and behavior ripped in twain between home and freedomPreferences and genders exchanged in favor of a roof overheadPerseverance and ache mark my mind but never will reveal myself to unaccepting kind Assessed the situation plenty, all the sameAt home, locked in the closet, I’ll stayAware of fists and luggage bags at the ready Not soon, will I ever be readyNow, duct tape placed by my own handsNever to utter a word of my life plans To light, I shed the silencersTransform into myself away from bigots and kinTame at home, but outside, dawn my jacket Regal and free I feel when I am awayReal are my patches of pride and colors, vibrant and brightRip off the tape that bounds my speech and soul A loud song of heart and love pour from my beingA contrary to home life’s silent wailingA sanctuary to those who, too, have duct tape, lives unspoken No place for me at home, but dear to hearts who love ‘unconventionally’Never, will I silence myself when I can be a beacon of light to those near hopelessNot when I can my patch covered jacket can bring a glimmer of happiness  Someday, eventually, I’ll tear off my tape at homeScream to those who have hurt me in past and presentSinging loudly of my true self and breathe, at peace within my own home 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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