Jay's Poem

Sat, 11/16/2013 - 15:24 -- Shiney_


Mascara streaks,

messy hair, and

wet cheeks.

It's not fair.

Rhythm of a heart,

pain of a shattered soul.

Mind and body

miles apart

Hiding from her world

The lines across her wrists,

the scars up her thighs,

and how she sits alone and cries.

Sadness never shows.

No one can see through her shield,

just except for one.

I’m the only one who knows

Her broken heart,

it tries to mend,

So torn apart.

Her smile pretend

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Wow this poem is really good. It is so powerful and I love how much emotion you used to write the words and feelings in this. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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