The beautiful flower stood at the top of the hill,everyone believed it was perfect from afar butonce they got closer that changed. The keeper thought otherwise, she believed theflower was much more beautiful as she got closer to it. She protected it from everything otherwise, the flower would never exist.  The flower was created by her and she would go through hell and back just for it.  The flower never truly understood how muchthe keeper protected her until the darkness came. The darkness ripped the poor flower apart and the keeper of the flower had been restrained by thedarkness. The flower had been ripped apart for far too long that it would never be as beautiful as it was before. The keeper tried to repair her as much as she could, but the flower knew, it knew it would never be able to escape the darkness.  The flower believed the only way to trulybe beautiful again was to get away from thedarkness, but for now that was impossible. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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