Jar of Cents


but one dollar —                -leap- 

just one? — it surely does-         -from his pocket

up up & up

to his chest. 

Yet —

sorry his chest is nonethebigger 

he carves from his heart

but one milligram —

just one — and with plip



discards it  to    make       s p  a   c    e.

And —

sweet as it be a single milligram brings

(like bees to honey) flutters in

but one more dollar —

just one — and with plip



there goes yet another milligram.

You See —

here he barters:

Diligence, Fairness, Loyalty, Compassion, Responsibility, Sincerity

five         , ten         , twenty , fifty              , one hundred , milligrams.

but one jar  is enough—

just one — and with plip



we fill it to the brim.

Come look —

his fists full of dollars.

But you can't make change —

not one — with dollars.

It takes common cents: the plip



to make change. 


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