Open windows

Open doors

Broken glass strewn

Across the floor


Out of my prison

I do see

And open air

Is what I need


Grab at bricks

Tear down these walls

They can’t hold me back

Not at all


Light the fuses

Blow the roof

I’ll never be crushed

Under this hoof


Nothing blocks my way

I am free

Nothing holds me back

Except for me


I need not crawl

I need not climb

Yet my feet stay still

I hope not for long this time


This is my fight now

Me vs. me

Can I win this?

I’ll have to see


I tell myself

“I cannot wait

I can’t stay long

In this passive state”


But I say back

“The world out there is bleak

I will not find

The peace I seek”



“Not true” I say

“It is there

But you will have to fight to get it

And maybe lose ones for which you care”


“But I don’t want heartache

I don’t want pain

All I want” I shout

“Is to walk under a blue sky, no rain”


“If the sun always shines

If the weather is never vile

There is no way to distinguish

The moments which make life worthwhile”


“So I will have hurt?

My heart will break?

But after all of that,

Will it be happiness I make?”


“Yes that is right

Yes this is true

But the only one who can make the pain fade

Is you”


“So if I don’t let it get to me

Don’t let myself cave in

Then, eventually

I will win”


And so we stepped out together

Me and me

Becoming one again

To face a world where we want to be


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