Jack and His giant mate

Once upon a time a furous giant terriozed a far away village. The giant would kidnap the children of the village usually the rudest girl there. He would also take half of the villages harvest and lifestock. The village was fullof rude girls so they didn't mine the fact that the giant was eating them. No what they hated was that the giant was destroying their home and taking their food. So they made a deal with the giant. Every fall they would give the giant their rudest female and  a quarter of their food. The system worked fora while that is until the girls started to behave and be polite. This angered the giant and made his want to rampage, but just as he was about to crush a house he heard the voice of a young boy coming from the crowd. "wait!" he screamed, "take me instead!" The crowd cleared and revealed a young boy with auburn hair and the ears and tail of a cat.The giant lifted the young up to his face. "what was that ? " the giant asked. " Take me. I know i am not a female nor am i rude but my family poor and is not enough food for us to eat. So if i leave there will one less mouth to feed." The young boy replied. "what's your name boy?" the giant asked. 
"Jack. Mr. Giant sir." " Well Jack. This is a noble sacrifice you are making. So i will take you not as my meal but as my mate." " Mate?"Jack asked. " Yes it's like a girlfriend or boyfriend that can never be separate." Jack nodded smiling. " okay then." The giant smiled and told the villager to give the food to young jacks family, and only took one sheep for jack to have as a pet.

One month later the giant returned  to the village, but not to rampage and terrorize. No it was only to drop young jack off at school.  The giant brought Jack to and from school. One day Jack came home crying ,claiming the other kids were picking on him and saying that the giant would eat him soon. This angered the giant and he went to set things straight. He went to the schoolhouse and told  the children to leave Jack alone. All the children were terrified and obeyed. This made Jack happy, what he learned next made him even more happy. That night the giant told jack the truth,that e never ate any of the children he just taught them some manners and took them to a boarding school not far away. Jack also learned that the giant's real name was Travis and that he was orginally a wizard but was turned into a giant, fortunsately he could still transform when needed. Word got out abitu the giant to a nearby kingdom where a fearsome warrior had heard of travis and intended on slaying him. The warrior made his way to the giants home and prepared to slay him. The giant fought back bravely telling Jack to hide in the closet. From the closet Jack watched as the father of his child was about to be killed. he could not stand by and watch as the one he loved was killed. he jumped from the closet and blocked Travis from the sword only to be stabbed in the hip. Jack fell to the floor bleeding badly. Travis knocked the warrior to the groun below the beansalk and went to help Jack. He transformed into a human and lifted Jack in his arms. Travis began to cry believing that his lover was gone when he saw a bright light shine that blind him. When the light cleared, on the floor lied a well alive and breathing jack, his wound healed. " Jack you're okay!" Travis exclaimed. " Of course i am silly. Nekos have unlimited lives. " Jack replied and he was hugged and swung aroundby his lover. "And it's a good thing too, of else we would have lost our child." "child?"the giant asked confused. " Haven't you noticed yet." Jack replied.Travis shook his head. " Travis I'm pregnant ." Jack exclaimed.Travis smiled and felt Jack's stomach and it was true as said before there was a young half wizard, half neko growing inside him. Travis rejoiced joy as he held jack in his arms. 

Several Years later Jack gave birth to a young boy who they named J.J. He had magical powers like his father,and a tail and ears just like his mother. When J.J turned 13 his was adopted by a young warrior from another realm choosen by his aunt to be his new mate. Meanwhile the idiotic warrior whose name was Franklin and had attack J.J's father long ago was still rotting in prison for attack a young and rare  preganant neko. JJ and his mate often visited his parents for wizard and cat training. Together they lived happily ever after.


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