I've never been one for being like everyone else

because it was never how I was taught.

Although, at the same time,

it was both a choice and not an option.


It was a choice not be to be like others,

but I had no option to try because I couldn't relate.

I had no option to have things handed to me,

but it was my choice to work hard for all I have.

I had a choice to let material things and objects

take over me like it has others.

Though, this time, I had an option, which was to

let reality hit and let me take control.


I won't be like the others, and I won't settle

for anything less then what I truly am.

So I can't relate to everyone, or

have the same luxuries as they do.

My choices are what make me unique,

and I have to make options for myself.

These will make my future, and

more successful then all others that paid no mind.


in the future, I will look back on my days,

the ones of our modern digital era,

and remember that everyone else depended on

"like" buttons and hashtag signs in order to feel

successful and accepted by others.

I knew I had no option to be like them, but

it was also my choice to do so.

I know soon enough that it will all work out to my advantage,

and in the end, #iwillbeontop.

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